Study of the Mass

Here are two resources as you seek to learn more about the Mass.


Introduction to the Mass

Brief explanation of the parts of the Mass (4 page PDF).



Concerning the Mass, the Bishops at Vatican Council 11 stated:

 “The church . . . earnestly desires that Christ’s faithful when present at this mystery of faith, should not be there as strangers or silent spectators. On the contrary, through proper appreciation of the rites and prayers they should participate knowingly, devoutly and actively.”

 As a Pastor of a large parish, I have written a book on the Mass and the Liturgical Year, which aims at helping its readers to grow in their understanding and appreciation of both. You will find here:

 - An explanation of each part of the Mass and each season of the Liturgical Year.
- Practical suggestions on how to enter into the Mass more fully, consciously, and actively.
- An explanation of each of the seasons of the Liturgical Year with suggestions on how to live more fully the spirit of each season.
- At the end of each chapter, the reader will find: questions for personal and group reflection and a suggestion for a Good Practice to develop around the parts of the Mass and the Liturgical Year.

 This easy-to-read book on the Mass and the Liturgical Year is ideal for adults and high school students, for catechists and all Catholics and non-Catholics who wish to grow in their understanding and appreciation of the Mass.

Full, Conscious, Active Participation in the Mass and The Liturgical Year (Revised March 2017)

 A step by step commentary on each part of the Mass and the seasons of the Liturgical Year with suggestions on how to be more actively engaged in both (46 page PDF).




  • "Father Eamon Tobin’s explanation of the parts of the Mass and of the Liturgical Year is informative, inspiring and spiritually nourishing. He offers an exciting plan for a living, active and faith-filled participation in the liturgy with extensive and illuminating comments, reflection questions and pastoral tips. His pastoral heart is present on every page of his book."

Father Alfred McBride, O. Praem., St. Joseph Priory, De Pere, WI

Author of How to Make Homilies Better, Briefer and Bolder



  • “This (maybe the book title) represents rich spiritual wisdom from the heat of the day, being the work of a long-time pastor in the trenches. Its down to earth explanations and practical suggestions will enhance our active participation in the Mass, enabling us to drink all the more deeply from the ever fresh waters of Word and Sacrament that spring up unto life eternal.”

Thomas H. Groome

Prof. Theology and Religious Education, Boston College

Author of What Makes Us Catholic



  • "Fr. Tobin has performed a great service for our Catholic community in writing this easy-to-read book on the Mass and the Liturgical Year. I especially liked the way he connected the eucharist to our daily lives. I highly recommend this book to all who wish to grow in their understanding of the Mass and our Church Year."

 Rev. Theodore M. Hesburgh, President Emeritus, Notre Dame University of Notre Dame.



  • "The Eucharist is the source and summit of our Catholic way of life. Father Tobin explains the Mass in a very readable and inspiring fashion for all Catholics. He helps the reader understand what we celebrate and why we celebrate it. Every parish would benefit from suggesting this book to parishioners and providing for it catechetical leaders."

 Mary Birmingham, Parish Liturgist and author of Year Round Catechumenate.


  • "This little book by Fr. Eamon Tobin is a small treasure. It is well written, highly informative on almost every aspect of the liturgical celebration, fosters a genuine liturgical spirituality, connects liturgy with daily life and the Gospel mission to the poor. Fr. Tobin has ample quotes from official liturgical sources and frequently makes helpful historical references to clarify the meaning of the liturgical rites. It will be a great help to RCIA teams and their candidates and enriching for liturgical ministers or any Catholic wanting a more intelligent and fruitful participation in the Eucharistic Celebration."

 Fr. Doug Doussan, Pastor, St. Gabriel the Archangel Church, New Orleans