Fr. Martin Classes

Byzantium: The Lost Empire
An historical study of the East-West Christian Split

Father Martin will be leading a 7-week Summer Study Session in the Buescher Center, Room 411, on Mondays from 7:00pm to 8:15pm. The study sessions will begin Monday, July 9. The schedule follows:

Session 1 - Monday, July 9: Overview & Intro, Early Mass & Sacramental Development - Click here for handouts; Bonus Handouts

Session 2 - Monday, July 16: The Dark Ages: 5 Developing Rites, and Islam 101

Session 3 - Monday, July 23: Icons and Iconoclasm; The Destruction of the Icons

Session 4 - Monday, July 30: Context and Controversies: Crusaders and the Crusades

Session 5 - Monday, Aug 13: Seeds of the Reformation

Session 6 - Monday, Aug 20: Current East-West Dialogue and Differences

Session 7 - Monday, Aug 27: Final Quiz with Prayer Service for East-West Reunification