Youth October 2018

YEAR 1 Confirmation Info:

Sacrament of Confirmation will be celebrated on October 14, 2018 at the 5:30 PM Mass

August 30, 2017- Informational meeting for all teens and parents @ 6:30 PM in the Youth Room

October 22, 2017- Confirmation class for all teens from 10:45 AM-12:30 PM in the Youth Room

December 17, 2017- Confirmation class has been re-scheduled

Confirmation Registration Form for current 9th graders: Here

*Please note that there is a $70 Confirmation Registration Fee. All checks can be made payable to Ascension Catholic Church-Confirmation*

Confirmation info packet for current 9th graders: Here

Ascension Catholic Teens Fall Calendar: Here

Common questions & answers about our youth ministry program can be found: Here


All Confirmation teens are required to attend a retreat with Ascension Catholic Teens. Our Fall retreat is scheduled for November 3-5th and is open to any 9-12th grader. Please see flyer below. There is no fee for Confirmation teens as it is already built into their Confirmation fee. 


Any questions? Contact the Director of Youth Ministry, Cara Giuliano at 321-254-1595 ext 3501:


Shelly Wackley in the Faith Formation Office 321-254-1595 ext. 3080: 



Why be confirmed?

Check out this YouTube video by Fr. Robert Barron:

 Check out this Busted Halo video on Confirmation: