Helping Hands Events


Thank you for joining us Sunday, January 28, 2018!

We packed over 45,000 meals!


See all of the fun we had with over 410 volunteers throughout three shifts!



These are the various jobs you can choose from while at the meal-packing.

  • Funnels - Volunteers will place a pre-measured amount of each food item in a bag in a very specific order. (STANDING)
  • Scales - Volunteers will weigh every bag to ensure the precise amount of food is included in each bag before it is sealed. (SITTING)
  • Sealers - Volunteers will seal each bag, once weighed, using a heating device. (SITTING)
  • Boxing - Volunteers will package a set number of packed food bags per box and prepare for loading. (MOVING)
  • Loading - Volunteers will load the boxed food onto the truck. (MOVING)
  • Runner - Volunteers will ensure each station is stocked and operating smoothly. (MOVING)
Past Events - Click date to see video of the event!
Thank you to everyone who packed with us on Sunday, January 29, 2017!
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