Contact Us - Clergy/Pastoral Team

*If given an extension number, dial parish phone at 321-254-1595 first.

Rev. John Bosco Maison, Pastor  Ext. 3070

Rev. Zachary Parker, Parochial Vicar  Ext. 3014

Rev. Dr. Deacon Sergio A. Colon  Ext. 3082
Director Grief/Bereavement Ministry, Hispanic Community

Rev. Deacon Tom Stauffacher  321-242-4504 

Rev. Deacon Bill Terneus  x3067

Rev. Deacon Chris Meehan

Rev. Deacon Phil Warwick

Rev. Dr. Deacon Ralph Turingan


Claudia Stokes  Ext. 3001
Ascension Catholic School Principal

John Baillie  Ext. 3044
Technology Administrator

Rick McGahee Ext. 3040
Facilities Manager

Katie Gander  Ext. 3068
Liturgy Director

Michael Papa  Ext. 3016
Music Director

Ashley Breaux  Ext. 3077
Contemporary Music

Betsy Glasenapp  Ext. 3080
Infant Baptism Co-ordinator & Elementary Faith Formation Director

Cara Giuliano  Ext. 3501
Director of Youth Ministry (LIFETEEN)
Teen Confirmation

Andrea Frankowski  Ext. 3501
Assistant Youth Minister (EDGE)

Maureen Jarrell  Ext. 3072
Administrative Assistant to the Pastor
& Communications Coordinator

Mary Russo  Ext. 3078
Business Manager/Bookkeeper