Commentaries & Faith Sharing Questions on the Sunday Readings

Two approaches to the Sunday Readings are offered.

  • A Gospel – centered format
  • A Three Readings format

In the Gospel-centered format, the primary focus is the Sunday Gospel. You will notice that in this format the commentary on the first and second readings is included. Readers are encouraged to read the readings and commentary on them prior to their meetings. But no time is set aside for the readings or discussion of these Sunday’s readings.

In the Three Readings Format the groups take time to read all three readings and the commentary on each reading. This is followed by spending time on faith-sharing questions usually on all three readings.

Here at Ascension most of our groups have moved to the Gospel-centered format so that they have more time with the message of Jesus. Also, if you look at the Gospel-centered commentaries, you will find that we have added several new elements to this format.

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SCC Gospel-Centered Format Translated in Spanish and Vietnamese

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When writing the materials for Small Christian Communities, I found the following resources very helpful.

  • Celebration Publications, Preaching Resources, Patricia Sanchez
  • Foundations in Faith—Years A, B, & C, Resources for Christian Living, Allen, Texas
  • Preaching the New Lectionary—Years A, B, & C, Dianne Bergant, Liturgical Press
  • Living the Word, an annual publication by World Library Publications
  • Breaking Open the Lectionary—Years A, B, & C, Margaret Nutting Ralph, Paulist Press
  • Footprints on the Mountain, Roland Faley T.O.R., Paulist Press