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I have written the following two books:



This book has two main parts:

Part One looks at four keys to an effective prayer life, namely, (1) having a positive image of God and self, (2) learning to be honest with God, (3) connecting prayer with our daily lives, and (4) developing the art of listening to God.


Part Two, examines 13 prayer forms and gives practical suggestions on:

  • how to deal with the problem of unanswered prayer
  • how to use prayer to forgive life’s hurts
  • how prayer can help us with difficult decisions
  • how to use the Rosary to pray for personal and global needs
  • how to deal with dryness in prayer

 Each chapter ends with Faith-Sharing Questions that can be used for personal reflection or small group discussion (see the Appendix for how to use the book in a small group)

Suggestions for Use of Book in Small Groups Resource 


Praise for the Book

 "Three words describe this Book – practical, practical and practical!” 

Bert Ghezzi, author of The Power of Daily Prayer


“An amazingly thorough and balanced book for every Christian. Anyone, whether a beginner or an established prayer, can benefit from Fr. Eamon Tobin’s perspective on prayer. I believe that this book will speak to the hearts of all who are seeking God, who is actually seeking us!” 

Monsignor David L. Toups, STD, Rector of St. Vincent de Paul Regional Seminary, Boynton Beach, FL


“Whether you have a mature and robust prayer life or are just discovering the joy of personal prayer for the first time, 13 Powerful Ways to Pray will be a true gift for your spiritual life.”

  Lisa M. Hendey, Founder of CatholicMom.com and author of The Grace of Yes.


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After outlining the clear Gospel call to be a forgiving person, this small book has chapters on:

  • What Forgiveness Is and Isn’t
  • Thirteen Truths to Remember about the Forgiveness Process, e.g., difference between forgiveness of a hurt and healing of a hurt
  • Ten Obstacles to Forgiving Life’s Hurts, e.g., forgiveness involves dealing with emotions that most of us do not like to confront, namely, anger, hatred and the need for revenge
  • How Prayer Can Help Us to Forgive (includes five concrete prayer suggestions)
  • Forgiving a Deceased Person
  • Forgiving God, Religious and Secular Institutions
  • Forgiving Yourself


Published by Liguori Publications – www.liguori.org – 636-464-2500


Praise for the Book

“The chemistry and grace of the “mystery” of forgiveness deserves this kind of full treatment. If this wisdom could be heard, we would have a very different and wonderful world. Leave this book on coffee tables and in doctor’s offices!”

  Father Richard Rohr, OFM


“Most books on forgiveness tell you about the need to forgive. This book offers the reader lots of practical suggestions on how to make forgiveness a reality.”

  Father Matt Linn, SJ


“This book is a treasure! In a clear and engaging style, Father Tobin offers the distilled wisdom of his years of pastoral and personal experience on the crucial subject of forgiveness. His profound and practical suggestions are a real gift for this difficult challenge which all of us face on the human journey.”

  Patricia Livingston, Author of Let in the Light: Facing the Hard Stuff with Hope