Faith Formation Volunteers Information

 Volunteer Resources

Basic Information: Click here for a PDF with information about

  • Volunteer Job Descriptions & Guidelines
  • First Day of Class Information
  • Ascension Faith Formation Program Outline
  • Sample Lesson Planning Guide
  • Ideas of Ice Breakers, Games & Classroom Activities


Resources for discussion about Sunday Readings:

Sunday Connection from Loyola Press

Sadlier Connect (Click "This Week's Liturgy" once on the page)

Sunday Readings from the Children's Lectionary (from Pflaum)



FAITH FIT ENRICHMENT PROGRAM- Click here to learn about the program.

To register and learn more about the 3 levels of formation, click here.

Web Resources You May Find Helpful

First Day of Classes Ideas:

All About You Activities for the First Day of School

*Resources for Back to School (Loyola Press)



Sadlier Connect (web-site of our publisher Sadlier which has more activities and information for each of the grade levels)

  • Click on “Let’s Go” in the purple “Sadlier Religion Resources” box. You will be given a list of all of the resources.

  • For grade level specific information, click on the “We Believe Catholic Identity” button. – specifically mentioned for their information about the saints and stories about them for kids but it also has a diversity of resources (RCL Benziger publisher) -- seasonal worksheets available by clicking here -- Resource Center from St. Mary's Press 


Advent Links

Lent/Triuduum Links


Other Helps (resource articles that are helpful, especially “Youth Update” newsletters) (to create crossword puzzles, word searches, etc) (to create crossword puzzles, word searches, etc) (contains worksheets for each Sunday with blanks to have the kids fill out  information about the readings) (ideas for crafts and activities)

Pope Francis 5 Finger Prayer