Book on Sale this weekend!

From Father Eamon: Recently, I ordered 100 copies of this book, Special Children, Blessed Fathers- a book  addressed to parents w/a special needs child. Even though the book is written by Fathers, it will speak very much to moms as well as dads. The book is filled w/ inspiring stories about the challenges and joys of being a parent of a special needs child. One chapter is titled "Leadership Messages from a child w/ Autism". Others chapters are: Joy in Tribulation, Acceptance, A Different Life, Lessons my Son Taught Me.

If you or someone you know have a Special Needs Child please get this this book for yourself or get it for  a friend.

We are selling this $15 book for $10.

Currently, the book is at the parish office. Next weekend, January 9th & 10th, it will be on sale after all the Masses