Wednesday Updates

Women’s CRHP Retreat
Due to Irma, we cancelled the Women’s CRHP retreat scheduled for last weekend, and have rescheduled it to this coming weekend Sept 16 and 17. We do have room for more ladies.We are also hoping that some of you who could not attend last weekend might be able to attend this weekend.  If interested you can sign up by contacting Marsha Raynor at 321-795-0175.
Special collection for 2017 Storms. Consider giving 10% of deductible of House Insurance.
If you have power and can watch TV you will see first-hand the utter devastation that Hurricane Irma did to places like the Keys and Virgin Islands. We also remember the devastation Harvey caused in Texas.
That devastation could have been right here in Melbourne. But mercifully it wasn’t.
If our homes had been destroyed or damaged, we would all be facing some serious financial expenses in the coming months. When we would contact our Home Insurance Company, we would be told that our deductible is a certain amount of dollars – probably anything between $2,000 to $20,000. This is what we would have to pay, plus deal with all the other expenses and the stress connected with re-building our homes, maybe our business and lives. Mercifully, the vast majority of us are not facing serious expenses due to Irma.
The most concrete way we can say a big Thank You to God and show solidarity to all of our less fortunate brothers and sisters is to give a very generous donation to organizations that are offering aid to the victims.
One suggestion is to give 10% of our deductible of our Home Insurance. This may not be possible for some of you. But it will be possible for many of us. Some may be able to give more than 10% of their deductible for Home Insurance.
The donations we collect will be sent to our Diocese who will forward it to the headquarters of Catholic Charities.
Thank you in advance for your show of solidarity for our devastated brothers and sisters. Remember it could have been you and me.
In Christ,

Father Eamon Tobin
P.S. When Katrina hit, I knew people in the devastated areas and we were able to directly help a couple of churches that had been destroyed and were rebuilt. I don’t have any such contacts in Texas, the Keys etc. but I trust Catholic Charities will make good use of our donations.

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