Ascension ReOpening

We are less than two weeks from the celebration of our parish feast day – the Feast of the Ascension—and less than three weeks from the celebration of Pentecost Sunday.  Bishop Noonan recently reminded pastors that, during our prayerful re-opening of our parishes last year, Pentecost Sunday was the celebration of the first Sunday Mass within the sanctuaries of our churches.  We are grateful that we were able to re-open and that we are able to receive Jesus in the Eucharist. 


The Holy Spirit continues to encourage us to “open wide the doors” and gather as community to pray and celebrate the Eucharist even as we continue to face this pandemic, now with even more hope as many are vaccinated. We have already opened up more Communion stations throughout the church with the assistance of Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion (EMHC).


By the feast of the Ascension, we will be

  • Opening all the doors of the churches for entrance, rather than requiring everyone to enter through the front doors For security, all doors are locked from the outside when Mass begins.  Participants are encouraged to use sanitizers upon entrance to the church.
  • Removing the cords blocking pews, allowing the people to monitor their social distanceas they do when grocery shopping and accessing other sources of sustenance and entertainment.  Ushers and Hospitality ministers can assist with seating as appropriate.
  • Maintaining the use of masks and social distancing during worship in line with current CDC guidelines.