Feb. 13th & 14th Weekend

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This week, our bulletin is not available at the time of the Escroll publication.
Please check our website throughout the weekend.

Lent Information

The 11:00 am Mass will be live-streamed.

· Ash Wednesday is not a Holy day of Obligation

· It is a day to realize our sin and to turn away from sin and toward the Gospel.

· Being “marked” on the forehead with the sign of the cross, with the element of Ashes – is an outward sign of our sin and that we desire God’s forgiveness and mercy.

· During this Pandemic time: The ashes will be applied to your forehead with a Q-tip to each individual – so to be marked with the Sign of the Cross. – The Q-tips will then be burned since they will carry blessed Ashes.

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Commit to Gospel for Lent


Join the more than 1,000 parishioners who have already committed to reflecting on the gospels for the 6 Sundays of Lent in honor of Father Eamon and Anita Brady. You're invited to listen to what God is saying to us individually and to respond to that call – bringing it to Eucharist and transforming our lives.

The gospel and commentaries for Adults and another set for All Ages are available on the parish website. The bulletin will also carry the week’s commentary. It will only take about 15 minutes each week but what a great time to sit and listen to Jesus. 

Can we imagine a world where all of us are actively listening to hear Jesus? Can we imagine the love and the ministry that will happen?!

Click here to sign up and download the readings!

Mark Your Calendars

Sunday, February 14th

  • Sunday Rosary at 7:00 pm.  Join Father Martin and Paul and Cristina Giammarinaro and their children praying the Luminous Mysteries of the Rosary. Click here to pray along with this rosary or any other past rosary prayers.
Wednesday, February 17th - ASH WEDNESDAY
  • 7:00 pm - JOIN Paul Rousseau and team facilitating Small Christian Communities via ZOOM! Join as a group in your own private room! Join as a family! Join as an individual. Join via Zoom, Join via livestream on our website or YouTube Channel. See the bulletin for details

Remember, our Adoration Chapel is open. Contact Lyn Becker if you would like to spend an hour in adoration. Click here to e-mail.

Robert Coppola
Kevin Shepherd
Lenore White

May they rest in peace and 

their memory be a blessing to all who knew them.