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Sept. 27th & 28th

Posted by Betsy Glasenapp on 9/25/20

As seen on Facebook: "Some offices have 'Casual Fridays'. We have 'Holy Roller Thursdays.' Ours sounds WAY cooler." Click on images for Sept. 26th & 27th Info World Day of Migrants and Refugees The last Sunday of September is World Day of Migrants and Refugees. In our global family, countless brothers ... Read More »

Sept. 19th & 20th

Posted by Betsy Glasenapp on 9/18/20

Click on images for Sept. 19th & 20th Info LINK TO REFLECTION IF ON GOSPEL This weekend's readings give us much to ponder about. “God’s ways are not our ways.” Are we envious when God is generous to the so‐called undeserving? For Paul, “life is Christ.” Click here to keep reading ... Read More »

Sept. 12th & 13th Info

Posted by Betsy Glasenapp on 9/11/20

Click on images for September 12th & 13th Info The experience and remembrance of God’s mercy should enable us to forgive others. In today’s Gospel, Jesus underlines the importance of forgiveness in the life of a disciple.As we know, Jesus not only preaches forgiveness but practices it in a ... Read More »

Sept. 5th & 6th Info

Posted by Betsy Glasenapp on 9/04/20

Click on images for September 5th & 6th Info   Feeling Resentful or Hurt? In Sundays's Gospel, Jesus tells us how we are to act when someone wrongs us. He says: “If your brother/sister commits some wrong against you, go and point out his fault but keep the matter between the ... Read More »

Happy Sept. 1st!

Posted by Betsy Glasenapp on 9/01/20

Month Long Celebration - Season of Creation

I must confess that I had not heard about the Annual Season of Creation until a young man, Ryan Hatfield currently in our RCIA program sent me some information. Perhaps it is unintentionally one of the church’s best kept secrets. Or more ... Read More »