May & Mary/ Food Pantry Collection

We are looking forward to the month of May and especially asking for special intercession in praying the Rosary.  Pope Francis has called for all families across the world to pray the rosary every night during May – to pray this corona virus pandemic ends. Join your Ascension family at 7 pm tomorrow, May 1st and every evening in May to pray the rosary together as a family. You may want to create a prayer space that includes a statue or picture of Our Blessed Mother, a flower from the garden, a candle reminding of Christ's presence with us and your rosary beads.

Need extra rosaries? You can pick them up and a How to Pray the Rosary and Father Eamon's NEW Covid Rosary with intentions with intentions that connect each mystery of Rosary to the Pandemic in the bin outside the main doors of the church. Then at 7 pm click on the Ascension Catholic Media link on our parish website or go to YouTube Ascension Catholic Media to pray the rosary together with Father Eamon and members of our parish family. We will unite in prayer with our families, our parish family and the whole world. 

Check out our May Mary Intercede For Us page on the website (MAY MARY in the menu bar) for more resources from Pope Francis, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops and our own Father Eamon.

LIVE BROADCASTS - We Need Your Help!

We would love to do LIVE broadcasts but we need your help to that- – and it’s as simple as a click on computer or tablet or phone. To pray the rosary together every night during May – all of our Ascension Family united – we need 1000 subscribers to OUR Ascension YouTube CHANNEL – we already have 590 subscribers – just 410 more to go - TODAY!

1) Click here to go to our Ascension Catholic Media Page on YouTube.

2) Click on the red box that says SUBSCRIBE. It will ask you to sign in – please do so – it is absolutely free.
Hope the below picture helps:

First Sunday Collection again!

We will be able to collect First Sunday of the month donations this weekend on Sunday, May 3rd between the hours of 9 a.m. and noon in the Church parking lot where the Thrift Shop truck will be located.

Thank you to everyone who has continued to support our Food Pantry!