Outreach Updates

Social Concerns Update

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU to everyone for their continuous food donation supply during the stay-at-home edict.

Our shelves are well stocked at this time.  Starting first weekend of June (June 7, 2020), we will resume the normal once a month food collection after all the Masses. You can still drop off donations at the church, but please put them in the baskets inside Our Lady’s Chapel (to the left as you enter the church).

Thank you to all who donated to our Loaves & Fishes Challenge that was extremely successful this year. The collection was the largest since the start of the challenge in 2017.  Total donations received was $37,363.  This is a true blessing since our main income source is the Thrift Shop which remains closed at this time.

Thank you again for your continued support and God bless!

Children's Hunger Project Update

Thanks to this "cool cat" and a select number of others,  we have distributed over 3,700 meals since March 27. At the rate we are going we will exceed 5000 meals by the end of May. This small team, trained in safe packing protocols, has packed all the weekend meals needed for distribution at Creel and Croton Elementary schools for the rest of the school year. They continue to pack meals to the Children's Hunger Project to use wherever needed. We sent 110 meals home to the warehouse last week and have 120 ready to go right now. Thank you to our packers but also to those who have generously donated to the organization.



Mats for those who are Homeless

Here's a project for you and the family to help with homeless supplies. As you know, plastic shopping bags -Walmart, Publix, Winn Dixie, DollarGeneral), Dinner take out (you know you have some) – can be recycled.  The Faith in Action Team is taking a different approach to recycling and making mats for the homeless using the bags.  You may have seen these online and considered it, but as it takes ~5 to 700 bags per mat, it’s a lot of work collecting, cutting, prepping, rolling and of course crochet together.  Now from the comfort of your couch, you can help with any or all of the steps! We’ll take them at ANY point.

For quick reference, here's a video on how to make a PLARN Bed Roll. Here's a more detailed description of the steps:

1.Cut tops and bottoms of bags (those pieces can still be dropped at your bag collection for recycling-to the best of my knowledge they're all melted down anyway)

2.Cut the bags in ~1" horizontal strips

3.Loop together

4.Roll them in a ball


I find the most work is through step 3- so if you can do that we’re almost done!

The sleeping mats are especially useful now as the Brevard Homeless Coalition and volunteers are bringing food and supplies direct to the encampments, these will be a welcome addition!   

We're planning to work on them through year-end, and will revisit the need and resources then, so you've months to help out!

Faith in Action as a committee for the BHC is a 501c3 org (EIN 47-1533071).  This would be a good safe way to get those community service hours in!

Again, we’ll take them at any step! Contact Terry Quinlivan at terryqfl@yahoo.com to drop of donations/projects at any points of the process.