Pentecost Sunday and Re-Opening

Dear Church Family,

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  • Returning to Church - Ascension Updates

  • Thrift Store Fire Update

  • Feast of Pentecost Info

  • Moments of Inspiration

Returning to Church - Ascension Updates

Bishop Noonan has created a beautiful and informational video as we prayerfully prepare to return to our parishes. Click here to view the message.

CLICK HERE FOR OUR WELCOME BACK TO MASS VIDEO explaining some of the new procedures as we come back to Mass in the Church.

(A few of the tips from the video just written out!)
1.ALL are Highly Encouraged to wear a Face Mask During Mass.  If you do not have one, an usher will be more than happy to retrieve one for your use.

2.Your Financial Generosity in support of Ascension Parish is always welcomed. There is a collection basket at the Main Entrance of the Church in the Narthex. There will not be a collection during the Preparation of Gifts until further directives from the Bishop.

3.The Social Concerns Office is always in need of food items.  If you brought Food Items today, you will find the large Brown container outside the Main Entrance of the Church.

4.COMMUNION PROCESSION: communion Lines have currently changed for your safety.  PLEASE follow the direction of the Ushers and keep a 6 foot distance between you and the person in front of you when processing.  We ask that all in the pew process up, those not receiving Communion may receive a blessing.

5.At the Conclusion of Mass, all Doors will be propped open for your convenience in your speedy and safe departure.  We ask all leave the church once Mass has ended so Maintenance may purify the Church for the next Mass.

Thank you for your patience as we continue to do our best in meeting everyone's need for a full and active participation in the Sunday Liturgy. Sunday Mass will continue to be available on line each Saturday

This information is also available on our website.


Thrift Store Fire Update

On Tuesday, May 26th at noon, our Thrift Store sustained considerable fire and smoke damage caused by faulty computer equipment that was being prepared for sale.  Fortunately, no one was in the store at the time; however, the combination of fire and extremely heavy smoke resulted in almost total loss of the inventory and some building damage.  Over the next few weeks, teams of professionals will start clean-up operations and conduct engineering assessments needed to determine the best course of action.  With your continued prayers, and God’s grace, we will confidently meet the challenges to our social outreach ministries brought by COVID19, the fire and, now, the start of hurricane season.

Feast of Pentecost Resources

Your key links for this weekend

Moments of Inspiration

Priests' "Happy Dance" as we are able to come back to Mass. (Really, it's Irish priests who were filmed during this coronavirus period, but it sums up what we feel quite well.)

"We Thank Thee" song by Jim Reeves

And inspiration to come! Join Father Eamon and Sister Immaculata and Sister Joseph as they lead us in the Rosary for our last day in May.