Thank you & Auction Reminder

Thank you for a great Pentecost weekend.

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This past weekend (May 30/31) was our first weekend Masses in ten weeks.  The following is a record of the numbers who attended.
            Vigil Mass…… 129
            7:30 AM……... 159
            9:30 AM……... 201
            11:30 AM……. 129
            5:30 PM……… 132
With proper social distancing we have a capacity for 250 in the Main church, 40 in Our Lady’s Chapel and we can have 150 in the Large Parish Hall. If we need to use the Hall, we would livestream the Mass in there and have a Eucharistic ministry take the Eucharistic at communion time.
MASKS: Some people wore masks, probably the majority did. While some parishes do require everyone to wear masks, we do not. The clergy and Eucharistic minister do wear masks while distributing Holy Communion (only in the hand) and so do the ushers.
I believe all who came to Mass were glad to be back, enjoyed the launching of our new video system. I also feel everyone felt safe as they followed our safe distancing guidelines.


Sunday, May 31st - June 5th
We're all in this Together:
Virtual Silent Auction

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